Monday, March 16, 2009


Ok, ok, ok, I haven't updated for ages, and I have been duly chastised by my brother (the only person who reads this) for not updating it. There are two main reasons for that: a) I've been exceptionally busy writing essays, and b) my life has been rather boring of late. I'm sorry, but that's the truth. My life is boring. Ok, enough self-pity for one blog entry.

Not this weekend, but the weekend before was Nicky's birthday, which wasn't that boring. On the Saturday evening, we got two pizzas from pizza hut and then Nicky, Natasha, Lucy and I watched a French comedy "Le Code a change". It was quite good, for French films. And then on the Sunday, we went to the Paris Sewer Museum, and no, you have not misread that. After that, we went for lunch at a restaurant, which was nice despite the waitress dropping Natasha's plate. For her dues (the waitress's that is) a customer did walk into her. Oh, I forgot to wash my hands between the sewers and the restaurant, but more than a week has gone and I'm still alive, so voila.

Friday, Nicky and I went to a uni quiz, as a team of two, and came last. Well, we were by far the smallest team, and we didn't loose so terribly...

And that's about it really. Lent's going fine, although I've already lost some of the motivation I had at the beginning. Not that I've broken it at all, I'm just not so enthused about it. But it's still going well.

Right, that's enough for this entry. I will update it when something interesting happens.

Bonsoir a tous!