Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another overdue entry

As you can see, I've been rather lackadaisical updating my blog, and I apologise without prevarication for anyone who has felt somewhat catawampus from the evident diminution of updates. So, for anyone who actually reads my blog (please do!) and got past that mammoth sentence of superabundant locution, here is another overdue entry. And Beki, if you are reading this - you hypocrite! (said with love of course...), and those long words are just for you.

So, a little of what has been happening, possibly or possibly not in chronological order:

a) Marchwood fete. Two Saturday's back was Marchwood fete (Marchwood being a village where my grandparents live), and Thomas had volunteered to help out with Jo and Kay. I hadn't but on arriving, I was given things to do without even being asked whether I wanted to, not that I minded. Power of association I say. Anyway, the weather was really good, and I spent the day in the sun and got the burns to prove it. But apparently I'm a sauerkraut for not dressing up, but I only got back from Paris the Tuesday before.

b) Work. I sort of have a job. Well, I signed up for a temping agency and have been given work once a week putting inserts into local newspapers. Rivetting. I could ask for more, but I'm fine.

c) Went to see Harry Potter, which was by far the best Harry Potter film so far. Also on the Harry Potter theme, as this Saturday the new book is coming out, Hythe High Street is being decorated for the occasion. As Jo's dad is the manager at a shop there, Thomas, Kay, Jo and I (yes the same four, we should have a name, like the Marchwood Musketeers or something) are decorating it, so Thomas and I have been working on that.

d) Father's birthday. Last Saturday, which was also Bastille Day for those in France, was my father's birthday, so we had a big barbecue, with a giant gazebo and everything. My mum had a nice quiet meal with the family. My dad, the entire works. And it's not even a landmark birthday, although he'll be 50 next year. What'll he do for that, hire a string quartet?

I've also volunteered to do two weeks at Saltern's Playscheme. Saltern School is a local school for children with learning difficulties and at the start of the summer holidays, they organise activities with the children, which I'm helping out with, starting next Monday. Should be fun. Then I've got a week off, then it's Soul Survivor, and then I'm off back to Paris, to find a new apartment. And I have about 10 days to do it before I have to leave my current one! I'm insane, I know.

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