Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blogs in code?

I was just browsing blogs on blogspot, and I noticed a series of blogs which were updated within a couple of seconds, all of them similar in several ways:
  • All were written in incomprehensible English.
  • All had the same layout.
  • All of them seemed to be posted in Germany, although they had different user names (the dates and standard text were in German).
  • Each of the blog entries within one blog all had the same title, which was the same as the blog and each referenced a place name (two had Durham in, one had Los Angeles City Hospital).

To give you an example of the text:

"You told me you his shoulder for her mask of cold indifference the crest, a good become her protector. This is a quick the landing, he motioned there when she deliberately had only just realized with them. He approached and embraced CATHOLIC FAMILY SERVICES OF DURHAM she was doing hit protest with a long on the table."

Do you think I've uncovered something?

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