Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cluster Bombs

To everyone who reads this, please sign this petition against cluster munitions. They cause terrible and unacceptable injury and damage. And like land mines, the bomblets can stay active for months, if not longer, and cause injury long after the conflict has ended.

Several arguments have been used to support cluster bombs. They're effective ways of killing terrorists, and why should we care about civilians in those countries, because they don't care about ours, or that China won't ban cluster bombs so why should we? Both of these miss a huge point. We're not terrorists, and we're not in a corrupt authoritarian country who has an atrocious human rights record. If we talk about democracy and freedom and human rights, maybe we should walk the walk first.

Here's a video showing tests for cluster munitions.

And here's a slightly more positive video from the Cluster Munitions Coalition.

Please sign this petition, we have a moral obligation to stop this sort of thing.

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