Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Which picture best represents your life?

At Christian Union yesterday, we did an activity where you answered a questionnaire using a set of pictures instead of using words. So you'd have a question like, How do you feel about your life at the moment? and a set of generic pictures like:

It was surprisingly interesting and thought-provoking. It's the sort of thing that counsellors ask clients to do to think about their lives. My brother and I were talking about the sort of pictures we would use if we were counsellors. We decided we'd use pictures which were subtly (or not so subtly) negative, so that we could effectively cater for our market. Pictures like:

And if any clients expressed surprise about the choice of pictures, we'd just reply, 'You're at a counsellor's office, what did you expect?' Or, alternatively, 'And how does that make you feel?'

Quick Questions

  1. Which picture best describes your life at the moment?
  2. Do you think I'd make a good counsellor?
  3. How does that make you feel?


  1. Isn't that just what tarot card readers use?

  2. 1.I think the smashed clock. Not only do I have that ridiculously loud clock, but also I'm loving sleeping too much at the moment.
    2. You are actually good with advice. But listening and not saying anything will kill you.
    3. Dispondent