Thursday, February 10, 2011

Red Cross

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've started volunteering for the Red Cross. As a part of this, I've had to do several sessions of training. As of this week, I've finished. Hooray!

I must admit, some of the training sessions were more interesting than others. Unfortunately, there was also a bit of a problem with one or two other people on the course. In particular, there was one who achieved to slow down the entire proceedings by repeatedly asking unnecessary questions, debating Red Cross policy, and otherwise giving her opinion when it wasn't asked for. My patience was definitely tested.

I've also done a few sessions of actually volunteering. And it's been really good, although it's been quite emotionally draining. I work in the refugee unit helping refugees and asylum seekers, and some of the stories are very sad. Unfortunately, I'm a person who is liable to get a bit emotional. I cry when reading sad books. I cry when watching sad films. When I was a child, I cried watching Bambi. And The Lion King. I even got teary eyed at Casper the CGI whiney voiced ghost.

So when I have people telling me about the terrible things that have happened in their lives, or I read a case file about someone with a tragic past, or I see injustice in the way a case gets handled, I've been finding myself getting a little emotional. But I think that's good in a way. It motivates me to do more. It's difficult when I know I can't do something to help someone, but it also means I feel satisfaction from small things which help people, and relief from a little bit of good news. And that's not such a bad thing.

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