Monday, April 30, 2007

Latest happenings

Just a short update about happenings today and yesterday. Yesterday, I got up quite late and spoke to Lucy on MSN. She asked me if I wanted to meet her on the Champs de Mars as she went back to Brittany today as it's her mum's birthday. It was originally intended that we'd have a sort of revision session, reading our respective books for literature. However, none of this materialised, as although I had a fair and concerted effort to read some of La Symphonie pastorale, Lucy distracted me every thirty seconds with things like "Oh, oh, oh, try and guess what song this is!" (she had brought her iPod). And, "Look, that man has a penny-farthing!" So all in all, all that I read of La Symphonie Pastorale was what I read on the metro on the way there, and the two words "La Grange" about one hundred times. Nicky joined us momentarily, but almost immediately the already-ominous sky became thundery, and we decided to make our retreat to Nicky and Lucy's apartment.

And indeed, the heavens did open, and there were the occasional flashes of lightning followed by rumbles of thunder. So we decided to watch the first two episodes of Heroes which I hadn't seen before, and then I went to church. I was intending to go to the French service, but I didn't leave in time so I decided to skip it and went to the English service instead.

The aforementioned English service was really good and inspiring. The speaker was a medical missionary for Lifeline Malawi, and he talked with such passion about what he did. He only left for Malawi aged 58, which goes to prove it's never too late, which is a feeling that I already sometimes experience at age 19. The bible readings happened to be about the Final Judgement, which seemed to be quite appropriate with the pathetic fallacy of the regular low rumbles of thunder. Is it just me, or do you agree that everyone's mood seems to change when there's a storm? Then I cooked pizzas for students after the service even though it wasn't my turn, and then I consumed my fair share and went home and finished La Symphonie pastorale. The whole book leads up to an ending which comes very swiftly and seems to be over and done with in a couple of pages as if the author got bored and decided to finish the book there and then.

Today was another day characterized by doing very little. I finished my art essay, handed it in and got my mark for my grammar exam - a very respectable 14/20. The comment from the lecturer was, "You take some risks with the level of syntax and vocabulary, which is good (even if it is not very prudent for an exam)", so I was pleased enough with that. And I did some shopping, and that's about it. Tomorrow, I'm planning to tidy my apartment and do some washing. Let's see if that actually materialises.

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  1. Natasha and I (Lucy) are going to organise a 'Heroes session' if you're interested! You might have to come slightly earlier (or an earlier day) in order to catch up with Natasha's avid viewing last night! PS- where are you?!