Friday, January 16, 2009

Lazy Day

My plans for a lazy day have been going better than expected. I've only managed to do one of the three jobs I set myself for today. I did some washing, but I have not posted the letters I was planning to, nor have I tidied my apartment. I did however, fill in my first ever census! Yay for French censuses (not sure that's the correct plural).

In France they do censuses (censum, censi, censae? I'm not that good on my Latin declensions) differently. Instead of having national, everyone-does-it-at-once censuses, the French do it bit by bit. And this may well have been the second census I would have done. When I lived in Montreuil, it was their turn to have the census. I obviously just missed the nice person who comes around giving you the forms to fill in. Another difference is that French censuses are short. A lot shorter than the British or Australian ones that my parents have had to fill in. Yes, my parents spent a day of our holiday in Australia filling in a census. That's because they're not allowed to ask things such as religious beliefs or ethnicity, because everyone is equal in the eyes of the state... It only took me ten minutes. So today, the full run down of what I've done productively is:
1) put washing in washing machine.
2) put washing on drying rack.
3) fill in census.

And update this blog, of course (twice).

Wishing you a merry second half of January!

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