Thursday, January 22, 2009


"Today is very boring, it's a very boring day,
"There's nothing much to look at, there's nothing much to say."

Those two lines from a children's poem sums today up for me. If you've read the poem, you'll know that the narrator actually has an exceptionally interesting day; I, alas, did not. I had an exam this morning, which went without problem, then a lecture, then a three-hour-long wait till the next lecture. I was planning to go home, but by the time I had finished preparing my teaching stuff, I'd ran out of time, and was instead left being very bored at uni. The next lecture was ok, but not fantastic. Then I went and taught. Out of the three children I teach, it went well with 2 of them, but not so well with the youngest. Because the lessons are so short, sometimes I feel like I'm forced to either rush it with him, or only do really easy, but more entertaining activities. If you have any hints or ideas, share the wealth.

I then came home and fell asleep, woke up some when in the last hour or so.

I shall see you in the morning. Maybe.

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