Friday, January 16, 2009

[insert witty title here]

Phew, I'm so glad I made it to today! I thought I wouldn't for a minute. There's no terrible reason why I thought I would expire before today; the actual reason is that I've been suffering from too much of a good thing. I have been so busy of late that I needed a little time to recharge. So here is a snapshot of the last week.

Last Thursday: Went out for dinner in Southampton with Kaylee and Thomas. The restaurant wasn't that good, a disappointment, to put it bluntly. It wasn't terrible - none of us came away with botulism, a nasty disease caused by a bacteria producing the poison botoxin (the stuff the inject into your face to get rid of wrinkles) - but it certainly wasn't Michelin standard.

Friday: Went to our grandparents so that I could, with my mum and brother, escort our grandmother into Southampton to buy an outfit for my cousin's wedding. I then left my mum and my aunt in Debenhams, while Thomas and I went ice skating with friends. If my memory isn't deceiving me, I then watched Mamma Mia! with my mum. Bit of an... interesting film.

Saturday: Got up early to go to Devon. Popped into my grandmother's, and we went out for lunch at a pub. Nice food, but the pub was quite cold. I then went to a wedding which was absolutely lovely. The balance between tradition and the modern was just right. It made it feel as if it was a part of history, a part of something that has been going on for centuries, while not feeling stuffy. It was also understated, but not cheap. The bride wore a simple cream dress with a dark blue cardigan to make it more, well, understated. Once that was all finished, my parents drove me home.

Sunday: Got up quite early to pack. I spent about an hour, to no avail, searching for my French mobile. It is still AWOL. I then had lunch with my other grandparents (the Friday lot), my aunt, uncle and parents, as it was my grandmother's 80th the next day. After the meal, my parents dropped me off at Southampton Airport so I could fly back to Paris.

Monday: Had lectures, went shoe shopping with Beki, then tried unsuccessfully to transfer money. Then went to church council, which was rather long.

Tuesday: More lectures, then went to church youth group.

Wednesday: Lots of lectures. Had dinner in St Michel with Lucy, Lucy's boyfriend and Nicky.

Thursday: More lectures. Prepared my lessons for the evening, went home and had a quick sleep and then taught. The parents of the children I teach said I could stay for dinner. I did, and left around 22h. Got home towards 23h absolutely knackered!

Today: Nothing! I'm free as a bird! Except that I'm going out tonight for drinks to celebrate a friend getting an MA. I really need to stop living the high-life. I've yet to eat at home.

I've also started going through some online lectures at Yale University about the Old Testament, and it seems very interesting, one-and-a-half lectures in.

Hope you didn't find this post too boring at all.


  1. Yey, you updated. You have been busy. But then again, so have I really. Hope you find your phone soon.

  2. I hope your grandmother found something nice. When I'm going dress shopping in a new place I check out all the stores on first and just visit the ones I really like. It saves time.

  3. Hi Jenna! Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, it seems that website only lists shops in the US. I'm sure there are similar websites in the UK though. Only thing is trying to convince my grandmother to look at dresses on the internet!

  4. Oh ok. Thanks for looking anyway! And yeah, shopping online with grandparents can be hard. Just taught mine how to use email :)