Friday, June 08, 2007

Another anecdotic entry

I haven't written an entry since Sunday, and it's now Friday, so I have a bit of catching up to do. Now, let's see. I can't remember what happened Monday, so we'll skip that, shall we?

Tuesday, I went into uni to print something off. I arrived at around 11h15. When I got there, there was a sign on the door saying the library would be closed until 12h. Great, I arrived nearly an hour before it would reopen. So, to occupy the hour, I decided to go to the Musée Rodin, since it's just down the road from uni and I get in free with my Blue Peter-esque "here's one we made earlier" student card. And I even got a purple "entrée gratuite" sticker to wear! The art there is really good, as it doesn't just have Rodin's own art, but the art he collected. Since he was an avid collector of Japanese art, there was an exhibition on there, which was really interesting. Some of the art was really erotic though, giving necessity to a "Some art may not be suitable for young children" warning.

Not so erotic example of Japanese art

And the Rodin gardens are really cool, and again, with my Histoire de l'art student card, I can get in free! So after my little browse in the museum, I went back to uni, and got back at around 12h10. It was still closed. I waited till gone 12h30 - during which it didn't open - then went and got some lunch, which was annoying since I had already bought some lunch at home - went back to uni to find it was still closed an hour after it was supposed to open. Typical! So I went home. A WASTE OF MY TIME that was. Although I did enjoy the museum.

But while I was at the museum or at uni I received a message from McDonald's asking for an interview, so I phoned back post-haste and arranged an interview for Wednesday.

Fast forward twenty-five and a half hours, and I was at McDonald's having my interview. IN FRENCH! The interview itself went really well, the interviewer seemed really pleased and said that my interview was good, so that was a real boost to my confidence. But... I don't know whether I've got a job. I've got another interview in a McDonald's restaurant in the south of Paris, which is probably too far for me to go. The problem is that most restaurants don't want to give holiday, and I want to go back to England for some time during August, which means it's unlikely I'll get a job. But they said that if I can't get a summer job, I'll go on the waiting list for the rentrée.

Yesterday I didn't really do much. I spent one-and-a-half hours on the phone to Thomas via Skype, which my parents weren't impressed with since Thomas (who arrived back home on Wednesday) was meant to be unpacking his stuff and tidying up.

The evening was church social, and it was the grub crawl. And it was really good. The food was nice as was the company.

And that leads me to today. I shall tell you how the interview went later.

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