Friday, June 01, 2007

Another Day, another anecdote...

Basically, I've not done much in the job hunt... again. I got up at midday, after not sleeping well, and watched the last episode of Heroes Series 1. That took me to twenty past one. As I was meeting Katy Dey at 2h00, and I hadn't even started to get ready, I dashed into the shower, wolfed down my breakfast and rushed to the metro. Well, I tried to. I was wearing flip-flops because I had no socks so I didn't want to wear my now beyond delapidated trainers. I could only walk at about half my normal pace, but since I walk quickly, that put me to about the same pace as everyone else. But I wasn't late, and I met Katy at the Fontaine Saint-Michel. We walked to the Notre Dame, but it was cold, so we went to a cafe on the opposite side of the river. We then went for another little walk, to Ile-Saint-Louis, but it was cold, so we went to a cafe on the opposite side of the river. Two cafes in an hour - not good for the wallet.

We then went for a little walk to Hotel de Ville, had a look at the "Garden of Tomorrow" display they had there - why not, it was free. I then went home. At my metro stop, I bumped into Virginie from church, and we had a little chat (in French of course). It turns out she works not at all far from where I live. Le monde est vraiment petit ! (See The Mighty Game of Go...)

Then I did some washing to resolve my sock shortage.

I NEED TO WRITE MY LETTRE DE MOTIVATION! I also desperately need my haircut, but I'm scared of French hairdressers. I'm gonna have something to eat and then go to Hillsongs maybe. Even though I don't really like it.

A bientot, mes amis !

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