Monday, December 15, 2008

Hic sunt dracones

I'm procrastinating terribly at the moment. I have quite literally done nothing over the last few days. I have a few defences: firstly, I've been ill, and still am to some extent; secondly, I left the book I need chez a friend, and this friend is also ill, so she can't return it to me and it would be a bit wrong for me to go and collect it. But, it's really frustrating. I just want to get on with my essay and finish it (starting it would also be nice)! Also, I need to go to the post office, I need to tidy my apartment, I need to pack... just writing this list is getting my pulse racing! Maybe I should have a lie down to counteract it.

I know I shouldn't be too worried; I'm ahead on my work schedule I set myself, and I've never missed a deadline, and I still have the rest of today and three days to tidy my apartment, go to the post office and to pack.

Of course, the first thing I do when I'm procastinating, is to look up procrastination on Wikipedia.

Sorry about that little rant. I only did it so I was ahead of Thomas's blog count by two entries!

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