Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The power of fear

Today, sticks of dynamite were found in toilets in Printemps Haussmann, after a letter was sent to French news agency AFP. Although the sticks of dynamite would never have gone off, the terrorist organisation threatened to follow with real attacks unless France withdraws its troops from Afghanistan. Of course, living in Paris, this got me slightly nervous. But, in reality, there isn't anything to worry about. I'm far more likely to be run over, or to kill myself, or die in some other manner than to be blown up by some terrorists. Compared to the zero people who were killed last year in terrorist attacks in Europe (as far as I'm aware anyway), fourty thousand people died in car accidents in the UK alone. So, instead of looking nervously at other passengers on the m├ętro, I'm just going to make sure my seatbelt is done up.

Sorry for that slightly heavy entry.


  1. Or perhaps you may be killed next time you go to wash your hands. I made the script myself for the quotes. Do you want them? I'm bored of them.

  2. And then the next day ULIP - worried it would also be attacked - refused to let Alex Britton's brother in... obvious terrorist...