Friday, February 20, 2009


You might have noticed the Amnesty International widget in the sidebar ----> I added it because Amnesty International is cool. In fact I'm a member, twice. I decided to join, and my parents decided to buy me a year's membership for Christmas. Either way I got a cool T-shirt and a pin. Yay!

Yesterday, Nicky and I went to Fontainebleau. It was a lovely day for it too: perfectly sunny without a cloud in the sky, which was particularly lucky since Wednesday and today are perfectly cloudy without a sun in the sky. And what's even nicer is that, since it's the French holidays, we got there for free, and we got into Fontainebleau for free too, except the 1€ to rent an audio guide where the people reading out the information pronounced Fontainebleau as "the shatoe of Fontayneblow". Apart from that, it was very nice, as were the large gardens, which we only saw a fraction of, missing the big lake and the canal entirely. How we managed that, I'm not overly sure, but we did. At least we didn't waste any money in the process. And here are some loverly photos...
After Fontainebleau, Nicky and I went chez elle to eat chocolate and drink champagne (well, sparkling wine) left over from Lucy's and my birthday meal a few weeks ago.


  1. You missed the lake? Look behind you.

  2. That's A lake, not the BIG lake, so there!