Friday, February 27, 2009

This week...

So, what have I been up to this week? You might be wondering why I'm asking you this question; it's mainly because I can't remember. Let's see. On Sunday, I went to church and I did the powerpoint projecting, and then went to Bugsie's afterwards for Sally's leaving do. On Monday I went to a rather strained cinema lecture in the morning. It was all my fault, I suppose, since I didn't watch the film, and am, by default, the main contributor. Rollet did say two weeks before that she didn't want just a dialogue between me and her, so I took her for her word and completely forgot to watch the film for this week. But I've learnt my lesson now. After the lecture, I went to the Orangerie, an art gallery in the Tuileries garden (hence the horticultural name) with Isabella, someone from church who is on holiday at the moment. It was a very impressive gallery, much larger than I thought it was (much of it is underground), but by far the most impressive bit was the two galleries displaying the nymphea (waterlilies) collection by Monet. That was truly amazing.

On Tuesday, I went to a lecture about Let It Come Down by Paul Bowles, where we watched a rather bizarre extract from the film Naked Lunch, which involved, among other things, a typewriter eating another typewriter (one word: drugs). The rest of the day is a bit of a blur, so I can't really comment on it.

On Wednesday, also known as Lyleday, I had translation and then litterature de la fin-de-siecle (I apologise for the missing accents) which I enjoyed. It was about the play Ubu Roi, which I haven't quite finished reading, despite being very short, but is better than what I thought it was. I tried to watch it with Nicky, but the quality wasn't very good, and it was hard to hear what was being said. That is possibly the main contributing factor, because it's actually very easy to read. Afterwards, I went around Nicky's and Lucy's, after a bit of shopping, where we had baguette and pate, chicken curry and crepe, obviously not at the same time. We had crepe today to make up for not having anything on Tuesday, which was pancake day. Just to let you know, I have decided to give up for lent chocolate, snoozes, procrastinating and some time to read the Bible every day (as in, I read the Bible every day, not make a conscious effort to not read it).

On Thursday, I went to two lectures in the morning, came home, had lunch, read the bible, posted a letter to CAF and did some shopping. I briefly went to uni to email myself something, and then went chez Nicky and Lucy again to have chicken nuggets and couscous for dinner! Scrumptuous. I also got to briefly meet Nicky's brother, who arrived from London around 10 o'clock. He seemed very nice, on first impressions.

Today, I got up around 10-ish, did some washing, read the Bible, went to uni, and prepared for a presentation I have to do on Monday, then came home, had some soup, and updated this blog. Hope that was sufficiently entertaining for you!

How, for now!


  1. Sure wasn't the '(one word: drugs)' placed a sentence too early?

  2. You can do it! If it is any consolation, I have given up meat for the whole of March (not Lent, that is just foolish).