Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello Everyone

For everyone who has been missing my absence (all of zero people), here's a quick entry. It's 0:22 and I can't sleep, so I thought I'd write a quick post... So, here's the lowdown.

I went to England for the weekend, to go to my cousin Holly's wedding. It was very nice, with lovely food, and a lovely setting. Holly cried most of the time from happiness. My grandparents had Thomas and I a GIANT birthday cake made, and we only had two days to eat it. So, along with wedding buffet food and birthday cake, I think I ate very healthily over the weekend. The rest of the week I've been essay writing, website designing, and presentation planning. I also went to Pizza Hut on Tuesday night with people from church, which was cool. On Monday, Nicky and I tried to watch Ubu Roi. That plan ended in failure.

Tomorrow Nicky and I (being the only people from uni still in Paris) are going to Fontainebleau as it's the French holidays, so we have free transport throughout Ile-de-France. Yay for French transport!

I hope you're all well and happy, and for people who haven't been updating their blogs recently, please do. I know I'm a hypocrite, but hey, I never said I wasn't...

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