Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quiz time!

Ok, so I was bored, and decided to write a quiz. If you're getting the first part of this on facebook, it's an idea I stole from my brother. I just thought you might like to read it, and have a go at the questions. Now, no cheating (despite me having to look up several of the answers myself...)! I've divided it into two rounds, to make it extra fun!

Acronyms, abbreviations, and anomalies
  1. What is the NIMBY effect?
  2. Why was SOS chosen as the Morse Code distress signal?
  3. What does 'scuba' stand for?
  4. When talking about weapons, and not role playing games, what was RPG originally an abbreviation of?
  5. What is Nazi short for? (English and German answers accepted)

Dates in history

  1. When was the last foreign invasion of England?
  2. When was the last occupation by a foreign army of any part of the United Kingdom?
  3. In which century was the earth conclusively demonstrated to be an ellipsoid?
  4. When was the last formal peace treaty signed to end the First World War?
  5. What date was land first sighted on Christopher's first voyage to the Americas?

And that'll do for now...

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