Thursday, May 17, 2007

101 things about me

I'm bored, so, after reading another blog which did this, I decided to list 101 things about me. Enjoy... or not, as the case may well be.
  1. I’m a twin
  2. I’m also identical
  3. But I’m left-handed and my brother’s right-handed
  4. I’m the oldest
  5. I have no other siblings except my twin brother
  6. I’m English
  7. I was born in Southampton
  8. I liked school
  9. I binge chocolate
  10. I worked at a supermarket – good old Morrisons!
  11. I did my two-week Year 10 work experience in a primary school in Southampton
  12. I’m studying French Studies
  13. In Paris
  14. At the University of London Institute in Paris
  15. Even though French was my worst subject at both GCSE and A-levels
  16. I’ve always wanted to live abroad
  17. I applied to Oxford
  18. But they rejected me
  19. As a child, my favourite book was the Dorling Kindersley Encyclopaedia
  20. My nicknames include Shmead, Shmead no. 1 and Mr Wikipedia
  21. The last is owing to my ability to retain useless information
  22. As a child, I had two hamsters, a guinea pig, as well as looking after my brother’s guinea pig and rabbit
  23. I was rubbish at looking after them
  24. And they died
  25. I talk excessively
  26. I hate French pop music (who doesn’t)
  27. I like rollercoasters and fast rides
  28. I’m not particularly afraid of death
  29. My favourite novel is To Kill a Mockingbird
  30. My favourite French novel is La Symphonie pastorale
  31. I used to have a comfort blanket
  32. I once fell down the stairs whilst inside it (don’t ask)
  33. I was kicked in the mouth by a New Forest pony when I was a child
  34. I’m a Christian
  35. I was baptised nearly two years ago
  36. I hate injections
  37. And I generally pass out when I have them
  38. But I survived the BCG!
  39. But only since I passed out ten minutes after my meningitis C jab
  40. I also hate blood, blood transfusions, and so forth
  41. But I can’t give blood in France because I lived in the UK during the mad cow disease crisis
  42. I play the violin
  43. But failed my grade 6 exam
  44. Mainly because I didn’t practise for a month before hand (it was my A-levels at a time)
  45. I hardly ever revise for exams
  46. But have the gift of the gab and generally do well
  47. Simple things amuse me
  48. If I’m in a bad mood, a cup of tea and digestive biscuits will always cheer me up
  49. I laugh incredibly easily
  50. But often sound like I’m hyperventilating
  51. I like words because of the way they sound (ubiquitous, soliloquy, cacophony, etc.)
  52. I did GCSE Spanish in a year, and have since forgotten everything
  53. I forget important things like birthdays and where I put things
  54. But I’m rarely late for appointments
  55. I’m incredibly untidy
  56. Certain people (you know who you are) say I’m like an old man, and maybe they’re right
  57. I love to sing
  58. But have possibly the worst voice you can imagine
  59. Sometimes I talk to myself
  60. Languages fascinate me
  61. I love to travel
  62. I’ve been to Australia
  63. And went snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef
  64. I went to Japan
  65. And ate something which was the most disgusting thing I ever tasted (it looked like Branston pickle)
  66. The second most disgusting thing I’ve eaten is a type of cheese from Corsica in France
  67. Sometimes I don’t know why I’m in France
  68. But I love it anyway
  69. I have no idea what I’m going to do after uni, well I have some idea – I’m not going to join the Foreign Legion
  70. I’ve never voted
  71. I’m very legalistic
  72. I’ve never smoked
  73. I hate sport and hardly ever exercise
  74. I have terrible hand-eye coordination
  75. I eat lots but don’t put on weight
  76. I’m trying to read the entire Bible
  77. I hate marmite
  78. At the moment I’m a bit of a Heroes addict
  79. I am a bit of an internet junkie
  80. I have a Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, and WAYN account, as well as this blog
  81. I want to write at least one novel in my lifetime
  82. And I’ve started to write several, but never get further than a few thousand words
  83. I sometimes have a feeling of Weltschmerz (don’t we all?)
  84. I’m happy 99% of the time
  85. I sound stereotypically British with my received pronunciation accent
  86. I like literature and poetry
  87. But avoid writing my own poetry, to prevent creating angst-driven prosaic rubbish
  88. I wear glasses generally
  89. But I can see without them
  90. I may have an operation on both my jaws in a few years time
  91. I had tracheo-oesophageal fistula
  92. And needed an operation in the first twenty-four hours of my life to prevent it
  93. My earliest memory of football (soccer) is being hit by a football at the top of the hill with such force that I rolled to the bottom
  94. My favourite radio station in the UK is probably Classic FM
  95. But I don’t really listen to the radio
  96. And I don’t watch the TV since I don’t have one in France
  97. I like maths
  98. And studying grammar
  99. My favourite composer is probably Vivaldi
  100. But I also like Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Saint-Saens, Fauré and Ibert
  101. I have just listed 100 things about me.

There you go! I hope you enjoyed that.

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