Friday, May 11, 2007

Another week, another President

Well, it's been more than a week since my latest update, but that doesn't matter. Let's start with last Thursday, which was a church social picnic at Champs de Mars. It was très cool, with lots of food (all of it healthy of course!) and a game of frisby which became more and more difficult as wind levels increased and light levels dropped as the evening went on. And we saw someone propose. How romantic! How cliché!

Friday I went shopping with Cecily to buy some new trainers. Instead I bought a t-shirt, a jumper, some sandals and a belt. I didn't really do much Saturday, so I'll skip that.

Sunday was election day here in France! I didn't vote of course, since I can't. I don't really know who'd I'd have voted for if I could, possibly Ségo, or possibly a vote blanc. In the afternoon/evening I went to church (both French and English services). After church, I went to Bugsy's for free sandwiches (on the condition you buy a drink for 4€...) and then went to Place de la Concorde to watch Sarko's acceptance speech. I have to say, he's a very good public speaker, but what he said is what everyone says when they win an election ("I will help the victimized...", "This is a historic moment for France..." "Vive la France!"), which was followed of course by La Marseillaise (Allons, enfants de la Patrie...) plus an incredibly trite political rendition of O Happy Day. Enough to make the skin crawl! It was interesting as it was far more patriotic than anything in Britain would be for a general election. On the way back I went through Bastille, which was unusually noisy. It wasn't till the next day I found out that there were riots at the time... Ah, the French and their revolutionary tendancies... And the unions are promising lots of strikes come autumn, which should be fun. I've already seen three protests, and the RER has had about three or four strikes, and the metro one, since I arrived.

Monday I went to look at an apartment, which was rubbish, and then went to Susannah's apartment with Nicky and Natasha, where I had baguette and white chocolate spread. Delicious but incredibly sickening, as well as diabetes-inducingly unhealthy. Tuesday I went to Nicky's to watch A Bout de Souffle, which although it is a pioneering classic, is not that good. Thoughts of tinny jazz music and Humphrey Bogart impressions haunting my dreams... Then I went to church again for the midweek social.

Wednesday, I did do some revision, and then I went to David's apartment for crêpes and to watch a movie (which didn't happen). Unfortunately, I left La Dentellière at his apartment.

Thursday, I did actually a near-decent amount of revision, then in the evening went to a fun fair. I only went on one ride (I might go back this evening or something because it's just down the road), one which spins you around at up to 120km/h, which was great! It was really cool as it was very high and I could see the entire funfair upside down. Unfortunately, I couldn't really see into Paris, as I was facing the wrong way, so all i could see was the Bois de Vincennes.

Till next time, Vive la France...

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  1. Ainsi ma mémoire épisodique n’est pas aussi désastreuse que je pensais.. Monsieur Shmead numéro un, c’est un très bon site, le tien! cela me fait beaucoup de plaisir de pouvoir le lire. De toute façon, bon courage pour les examens !