Thursday, May 31, 2007

Of drunken conversations and goodbyes

Well, yesterday was unproductive. I was tired, the weather was terrible, so I did nothing. Really, practically nothing at all. I hardly managed to motivate myself to breathe. Actually, I posted a letter, bought some chocolate and watched (any guesses...) Heroes. I have also managed to get my brother addicted, who watched NINE episodes yesterday! That's shocking, even for my standards!

I then went to a bar called the Cameleon in St Michel to say goodbye to Cecily, as she's leaving this evening. It was really nice and I had some cool conversations. The bar, which is a jazz bar was cool as well. I thinks I might return. However, I have to confess, that with my prolific alcohol consumption of just two glasses of kir cassis, which probably has a tiny alcohol percentage (and the glasses weren't even that big) I got slightly tipsy. How embarrassing, I'm such a lightweight. I didn't do anything humiliating, I was just very aware that I had consumed alcohol.

Luckily I was nowhere near as drunk as this French guy who decided to join our group. He was wasted. And he kept on staring at the female members of our party. I had a rather interesting conversation with him, which went along the lines of this:

"Why are you in Paris?" (drunken random)
"I'm studying." (me)
"What university are you studying at?"
"The university of London."
"No, what university are you studying at? Cambridge?"
[I repeat previous answer, but he still doesn't believe me, and moves on]
"So, what are you studying?"
"French studies."
"Just French?"
"Yep. French language and culture."
"Not anything like French business? Just French?"
"Just French."
"So, where are you studying?"

And on the way home, a rather jovial (also drunk) black man sat next to me laughing hysterically at a woman because she was wearing a scarf. I know this because he decided to share this hilarity with me. I did the usual trick, "je suis anglais." Didn't work. "Oh, you're English? Wheeeeeerrre arre you frooom?" (note drunken slur) "Southampton." Bad move. He then started talking to me about Southampton Football Team, which I don't support nor know anything about. He said it must be so difficult for me to cope with Southampton being in the second division (now called the Champions' league, n'est-ce pas?). I graciously accepted his sympathy, and smiled to him as he got off the metro.

Today, I got up in earnest to find a job, and looked at loads of offers, but have yet to really get anywhere. I WILL write my cover letter and I WILL send it off! I WILL write my cover letter...

And that brings you up to date really.



  1. Yet another entetaining installment. By the way is Vedremo, rather than dedremo, too my recollection anyway.

  2. Stephen... my dear grammar friend... can you say "don't" and then "nor"?? don't you have to say "neither" "nor"????

    I may be wrong, feel free to correct me, but it sounded funny... and I know how you like to get these things right...