Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Of Columbians and Heroes

Yes, I promised to Natasha and Lucy that I'd watch no more Heroes until the rentrée (the start of the next year in case you don't speak French. I might as well have just put 'start of the next year' since that would have saved me having to write this entire explanation...), but I sinned... Although they do know that I gave in. The internet - a bastion of temptation. And like a certain Oscar Wilde, I can resist anything but temptation. But unlike him, I'm neither Irish nor dead.

Sunday and Monday were characterised by my inability to motivate myself to do anything. Instead, I either slept or sat at the computer in a quasi-vegetative state watching Heroes (although I did only watch two episodes... but so many twists and turns. Utterly addictive). I also managed to consume five bars of milka in three days. In the evening however, I went back to that Spanish bar with Nicky, Nichy's cousin, Natasha, Susannah and Susannah's friend who's here for the week or so. A Columbian, who could dance really well (but was incredibly sleazy) danced with Susannah, Natasha and Susannah's friend. And for some bizarre reason Susannah gave him her number... out of sympathy apparently.

Today, I've been slightly more proactive. I washed up for the first time in ages, and sent off my CV to a Subway in Paris, and have printed off some copies of my CV to give to other places around Bastille. I went for a little wander and saw 5 ads, so I decided that might be a good place to target.


  1. ancienne lectrice29 May 2007 at 16:44

    j'imagine que la carte d'anniversaire soit donc au-dessous de tout cela...lol

    Glad you’re being proactive, and thanks for the info on Susannah’s various hook-ups... shall confront her...x

  2. Once u get a job let me know so I can come and visit u...you keep saying I have too and I keep saying i will. Let me know so I can come out there...I have not been to france at all this year. xx