Friday, May 25, 2007

Exams are over!

I have finally finished all of my exams! But it's such a long time since I wrote my last blog entry, and I've done so much non-revision orientated stuff, this is going to be a long entry! Hold on to your seats!

Here goes... last week I had three exams, roman (Monday), grands débats (Tuesday) and poésie (Wednesday). All went relatively well I hope, but I'll only find out for sure when I get my results. Thursday I didn't really do much, at least I don't think so, but if I did I can't remember.

Friday - I can definitely remember Friday! In the evening, a group of us from uni (Lucy, Natasha, Nicky, Susannah and moi) went to the Louvre. Nicky and Susannah walked ridiculously fast, so within two minutes, the rest of us had lost them. We guessed roughly where they would be (the section on French art), but we never caught up, so we decided to go back to Lucy's apartment (spelt correctly this time). It turns out we were probably only a room or so apart all the time. C'est la vie! Nicky returned not long after sans Susannah, and the four of us had lasagne. We then decided in a moment of random impulsiveness to go to a karaoke in Pigalle (which, if you don't know, is the red-light district of Paris). And we were terrible! But we had fun, and Lucy and Nicky chatted to these Australians.

Saturday, I went to Nicky's and Lucy's to watch Cyrano de Bergerac with Natasha tagging along as well! After that, Nicky, Natasha and I met up with Susannah at Invalides to watch a jazz concert. It was really good, although it was a bit odd that the players were in full military costume, slightly contradictory. Lucy then joined us and we went to the Marais, and had falafel. We then went to Victor Hugo's house, but since it was Nuit des Musées it was really busy, but cool anyway. We then went to the Archives Nationales because there was a medieval thingy. I had bottled mineral water and a waffle from a waffle iron. The epitome of medieval cuisine! There were some people in armour though...

Sunday, I did some washing and went to church in the evening.

Monday, I had my théâtre exam in the morning. I then went shopping with Natasha to buy some clothes for the uni end of year boat party which is tomorrow! We then went to Lucy's to watch... can you guess? Heroes! Unfortunately, we got to the end of the 18 episodes that she has, so we'll have to wait till October to resume viewing. In the evening I then went to my first Church council meeting, which I found slightly excessively bureaucratic, but maybe that's just my youthful idealism.

Tuesday was art exam. Went well considering I did no revision whatsoever. I then went to church for the mid-week thingy.

(I started writing this on Friday, but didn't finish it. It's now Sunday, so if there are any confusing time shifts, bear with me.) Wednesday was the cinema which went ok I hope, but was one of the hardest exams. And I don't think I did much else after that.

Thursday was media. After that I went to Lucy's apartment (also spelt correctly) to eat this chocolate fondant thingy and ice cream. I then went to have fondu with Square 1 (the student youth group at St Mike's) in this bizarre restaurant in Montmartre (Refuge des Fondus, rue des deux freres if you ever want to know where it is), which was cool. We then wondered around Montmartre a bit, watched people perform outside the Sacré-Coeur and then had ice cream. Apparently, someone from uni saw me at Sacré-Coeur but I rudely ignored them. You don't expect to bump into people in Paris (well at least, I don't) so you walk around in a little bubble. Then I went home.

Friday was my last exam! And Questionnement too, what a waste of time! We were originally told it was three hours, but it was actually two. And one of the questions was of course 'Peut-on justifier le terrorisme ?' (this probably means nothing to anyone outside of ULIP, but it became a bit of a running joke since in each one of the two and a half lectures we had he asked us to discuss this question). Then I started writing this, but didn't finish.

Then, I went to Lucy and Nicky's apartment for a celebratory drink with Natasha and Gabby. After the drinks and an excessive consumption of crisps and mock petits écoliers we said goodbye for four months to Lucy as she was catching a train back to Brittany that evening. The rest of us save Gabby then went for a nice Italian dinner at Susannah's, where we consumed more drink, and we then went to a Spanish bar in Saint Michel, where Susannah was chatted up by a Spanish car salesman who wanted to marry her the next day and bizarrely stroked my hair. There are lots of weirdos in Paris, I can tell you!

Saturday during the day, I mainly slept, and did some shopping since Monday is yet another bank holiday (the fourth in a month!) so I won't be able to buy anything else till Tuesday. In the evening, I went to the uni's boat party on the Seine. The boat was really cool, but the part of Paris was a dump (by the National Library of France), but that was probably the only place the uni could afford! I then went back to Nicky's apartment with Nicky, her cousin, Natasha and Will Setters. Will and I slept in Lucy's room, since she wasn't there (I had permission to use it, and I'm sure she didn't mind Will sleeping on the floor...). And then I left around midday (when I got up) and came home. Et voila, we're up to date.

Next week, I'm also going to be busy, I'm planning to tidy my apartment, find a job and am also going out Monday and Wednesday...

Till next time, adiós!

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  1. And where were you Sunday evening my dear Stephen??