Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Exams, exams and more... Heroes.

Monday I had my first exam: Introduction a la lecture du roman. It went ok I suppose, I mean I wrote two essays. But of course, I have to wait until I get the mark to find out how I actually did. Yesterday I had another exam as well, Grands Debats. I'm hoping that one went well. The question was good, and I think I wrote a good 600-word answer, but again, I'll have to wait until I get the result till I actually know. And in an hour and a half I have my poetry exam. And that's it for this week (Tomorrow being another bank holiday. There's been one every week since the start of May...). But I have an exam every day next week.

Yesterday I got the results for my phonetics exams, which I'm really pleased with. For the speaking, I got 13/20, which is a good 2:1. But for the theory, I got a whooping 19/20. As you can imagine, I'm really pleased with that.

Last night, after the exam and before going to church, I went to Lucy's to watch more Heroes. However, I'd already watched those episodes because Natasha needed to catch up. But we're having another Heroes session tonight! By the way, I'm not addicted... Church was really cool as well, as usual.

Oh, and I've decided to eat more healthily, since I keep on cutting myself and the cuts are taking a long time to heal. So five fruit and veg a day from now on. My plans to cut back on chocolate failed last night as I bought some petit-beurres with chocolate on top. Oh well. The only other thing I've done is break a glass. Stupid glasses. I've broken 3 in my apartment, they're rubbish (unless it's just that me and glass don't go well together...). So I suppose I'll have to buy some new ones before I leave.

Anyway, I'm gonna go to uni. A bientot, mes amis!

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  1. Well done Stephen! (for Phonetics and perhaps for not eating as much chocol**e)... :-)